Reckless Moves

S1E81: Old Gods and a New Plan

August 16, 2021

The NAB faces down the foul demon and undead released from the broken mirror, and resolve this battle in a surprisingly non-reckless way!  

On the Beach, Twig talks to the sentient weapon Wave, and they break up!  Twig has a new God, Olidamurra, and a new...interesting...weapon.

Saying some goodbyes, Molamma and Biumurra leave with the rescued friends from the Mirror, and the remaining 'baddies' are hidden away in a Demiplane. 

Heading to Sasserine, the party formulates a plan to capture the elusive Poma, the boss of the captured Captain Anton Quila. Well, a 'plan' is stretching it a bit...

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